I have seen several acupuncturists in a number of cities in the U.S. Salena Hanrahan has provided me, by far, with the most relief and solutions to issues ranging from plantar fasciitis to headaches and depression. Initially, I came to Salena with chronic pain in my foot as a result of plantar fasciitis. The severe pain in my foot was not responding well to physical therapy, orthotics, or anti-inflammatory medications. After the initial treatment, my pain subsided over 50% and has continued to improve. I went from having my foot immobilized to getting back to exercise and wearing regular shoes again. Salena is very knowledgeable and always takes the time to explain her course of treatment and make me feel at ease. I continue to refer people to Salena Hanrahan without hesitation.

Anne G.

Salena is strong, grounded, and intelligent. Her work ethic is beyond measure. It is clear that among her highest values are health, balance, and harmony. The joy she embodies is contagious.

Daylene Christensen

Salena was instrumental to introducing acupuncture into my life which not only cured a chronic 20 year injury, but also gave me a new life energy! Her warmth, enthusiasm and knowledge helped shape my life!!

Barbie L.

Salena is professional, knowledgeable and motivating… she offered me an experience that truly fit my needs and also gave me other ideas about wellness for health and body…she’s my mind and body health guru, and I cannot thank her enough for teaching and helping me how to take better care of myself.

Julie S.

Salena has a beautiful way of working with people. She takes into consideration the full mind-body connection and helps people feel at ease and empowered. After treatment, I always feel fully rejuvenated and relaxed. Her work has helped me to feel more open and whole in my body; her dedication to the field is compelling.

Nicole B.

Salena’s influence in my life has been beyond monumental: she has served as a foundation for my physical, mental and spiritual evolution. Having experienced the awesome powers of Salena’s skill in acupuncturefor a back injury, I came to see that Salena’s physical precision and expertise is only a single facet of her supreme gifts. Besides being an acupuncturist, mentor and guide, Salena is an honest and concerned spirit always working to find ‘your’ answer to ‘your’ issue. Her vast vat of knowledge never ceases to astound me, and the depth of her compassion seems utterly bottomless. I can’t imagine my life without her presence: she is a gift to all who have the unique opportunity to share in her light.


My experience with Salena’s treatment of Acupuncture was awesome. Not only did it relax my mind, but most importantly it got rid of my very painful plantar fasciitis problem in my ever so important foot. With a very active business of personal training and an intensely active lifestyle, I need my feet to be pain free! So having such a fast relief of debilitating pain was greatly appreciated and highly recommended to anyone having a sports injury problem or overactive mind. Thank you Salena! I look forward to my next treatment!



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